Joseph A. Milligan

Attorney Joseph Milligan attained his bachelor’s degree in pre-law at Columbia University in 1956 and earned his Juris Doctor at the St. John’s University School of Law in 1959. Until 1970, he was in practice with Seidell and Milligan. Currently, attorney Joseph Milligan is the owner and operator of the Law Office of Joseph Milligan in Deer Park, NY. His practice areas include divorce and separation, prenuptials, appeals, estate planning and DUI. For over 50 years, attorney Joseph Milligan has been providing excellent legal services for NY residents.

A Long-Term Stellar Reputation

Throughout his many years of legal practice, attorney Joseph Milligan has cultivated a stellar reputation among both peers and clients. Among his peers, he is well known for his integrity, in-depth knowledge of the law and committed to his clients. Among his clients, he is known for his compassion, effective legal solutions and personalized manner. When you step into the Law Office of Joseph Milligan, expect to meet a legal professional who is down to earth and offers practical legal solutions that work. Attorney Joseph Milligan takes the time to listen to clients’ individual circumstances and needs. He gives your case the time it deserves. Plus, he keeps clients in the loop as there case progresses and returns calls promptly. Your case is just as important to him as it is to you.

Legal Services: Attorney Joseph Milligan

While the notion of prenuptials may sound unromantic, attorney Joseph Milligan recommends these legal arrangements for second and third marriages. Prenuptials help protect children from previous marriages, avoid taking on spousal debt and secure one’s business. He is there to protect your best interests and the best interests of the family.

When it comes to divorce and its surrounding issues like asset distribution and child custody, attorney Joseph Milligan lets clients know all of their legal options. He is a strong advocate of mediation, as it is less costly, adversarial and time consuming than going to family court. During the mediation process, he acts as a legal adviser and assists clients in preparing for the meetings.

Even if you have a small estate, it’s always wise to have estate planning in place. Attorney Joseph Milligan knows all about trusts and wills and will guide you to choosing the best plan for your estate. All around, attorney Joseph Milligan is a good legal advocate to have in your corner.

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